Visitors Guide

What You Should Expect When You Come

You can expect to be welcomed warmly, because you are most certainly welcome. You will be provided with a “Worship Journal” (our bulletin) and a song sheet which will help guide you through our worship service. You will also find a visitor card in the worship journal to fill out and place in the offering basket at the end of the service. This will simply allow us to send a thank you note for attending the worship service; we will not show up at your home uninvited the following week. You will also receive a copy of a book from our book table just for being our guest. Ask an elder or deacon to receive your free book.

Worship Service

Our hope is that you will find the Lord honored and exalted. If you are looking to be entertained, I am afraid that you will be disappointed. We spend the worship service (10am-Noon) in corporate singing, reading of Scripture, praying, and expositional preaching.

Although terms can often be misleading, the music is a blend of old and new. We love the powerful hymns of the Reformation and Evangelical Awakenings as well as doctrinally-rich modern choruses. We prefer congregational singing, which emphasizes the gathered body singing praise to God with one voice, over performed music. Our music is lead by guitar. We have a Worship Blog which has a good example of the songs we will be singing on any given Sunday morning.

Preaching is generally expositional, meaning that it seeks to explain and apply a particular passage of the Bible. Sermons usually last around 50 minutes and strive to include exegesis (detailed explanation of the text), doctrinal teaching, exhortation, and application. On a regular basis, our sermon series alternate between the Old and New Testaments. All preaching is filtered through the Gospel, the Bible’s main message of God saving sinners through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Your Children

We have a warm and friendly nursery where your child is welcomed and cared for during the service (up to 3 years old). All nursery workers have passed background checks to ensure that your child is in a safe and loving environment. However, you are also welcome to have your child in the service with you.

What You Should Wear

We encourage you to come however you feel comfortable. You will see people in our congregation wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Others will wear a suit and tie. Our goal is to remember that what matters is our hearts, that we cherish Christ and his gospel, and love the Lord with all that we are.

What You Should Bring

Because we seek to be a Word-centered church, all you will need to bring is your Bible and a pen. If you do not have a Bible, we would love to provide you with one. We use the English Standard Version (ESV), though there are many good translations represented throughout our congregation any given Sunday.